Here, you can buy original HAAD license online without taking the exam. Healthcare Authority of Abu Dhabi is a healthcare arm of the Ministry of Health of Dubai (HAAD).

Documents required for HAAD License

Before you can obtain your HAAD license, you must provide a couple of documents and satisfy certain conditions to be eligible: here are the documents you will need to submit: buy original HAAD license

  • Both sides of a passport copy.
  • A copy of passport photo with white background.
  • Experience certificate.
  • Mark transcript. And academic certificate.
  • Good standing certificate.
  • Logbook for surgeons.
  • Registration or license from country of origin.
  • Certificate of BLS, more so for Allied Health experts.


  • Experienced needed for obtaining HAAD License:
    • Allied health: two years.
    • Paramedical: three years.
    • General doctors: two years.
    • Specialist doctors: three years.


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