Here, you can buy original cpje certificate without neccesarily taking the exam. The CPJE is a state-based exam in California that is used, along with the national NAPLEX exam, to license pharmacists in the state.

To be licensed as a Pharmacist in California, you must satisfy the requirements under Business and Professions Code section 4200. Effective January 1, 2020, of the Business and Professions Code is amended to define the examination requirements for pharmacist licensure. buy original cpje certificate

To practice as a licensed pharmacist in California you must first pass two exams. The first is the national, NAPLEX after this, the second exam is the CPJE. Both must be passed before a pharmacy graduate can practise as one of the 40,000+ licensed pharmacists in the State of California. buy original cpje certificate

In addition, if you are a foreign graduate in pharmacy, you will need to take the FPGEE before all of these exams, adding one more step to the above process. buy original cpje certificate

Required Identification for Admission into the California Pharmacist Jurisprudence

Please check your FULL NAME on the following prior to scheduling yourself to sit for the CPJE:

1. Your California State Board of Pharmacy (Board) Issued Eligibility Letter
2. Your TWO required identifications you choose to present at the testing site.
At the testing site, your full name will be verified by the examination proctor to confirm that your
full name in their system (which is the name listed on your Board issued eligibility letter) matches
IDENTICALLY letter for letter with the TWO identifications that you present.
You will be required to present TWO different forms of the identification listed below at the
testing site. At least one form of identification MUST contain a PHOTO. Photocopies, temporary
identifications, and expired forms of identification will NOT be accepted.
Required Identifications – You must present TWO of the following identifications listed below at
the testing site and ONE of the identifications MUST contain a photo. You cannot present two of
the same type of identification at the testing site.
• US state-, commonwealth-, or territory-issued driver’s license or identification card (may
only present one)



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