Here, you can buy MFT license without exam. The MFT exam is a test that helps to determine if someone can be called a Marriage and Family Therapist. In order to obtain your licensure as an (MFT, LMFT, LPCC), etc. You will need to pass either the National MFT Exam or the California Clinical MFT Exam. offers the most efficient and effective National MFT license. We organize your studying into an easy to follow plan for success.

The Purpose of the Examination. buy MFT license without exam

The Association of Marital and Family Therapy Regulatory Board’s (AMFTRB) Examination in Marital and Family Therapy is provided to assist state boards of examiners in evaluating the knowledge of applicants for licensure or certification. There is a wide diversity of educational backgrounds among the applicants who seek licensure or certification in marital and family therapy. AMFTRB offers a standardized examination, for use by its member boards, in order to determine if these applicants have attained the knowledge considered essential for entry‑level professional practice, and in order to provide a common element in the evaluation of candidates from one state to another.

The Examination in Marital and Family Therapy is only part of the overall evaluation used by the member boards. AMFTRB expects that candidates will be allowed to sit for the examination only after their credentials have been examined and found to meet the education and experience requirements for license or certification in their respective jurisdictions. Such candidates are expected to have attained a broad basic knowledge of marital and family therapy, regardless of their individual backgrounds. The examination is designed to assess this knowledge through questions focused on the tasks that an entry‑level marital and family therapist should be able to perform, and the knowledge required to perform those tasks successfully. buy MFT license without exam

Test Content and Administration

Each year there are four different forms of the exam given. Each form is scored and statistically equated so that all four forms are of equal difficulty. buy MFT license without exam . This is how the consistency of the difficulty level of the four forms is maintained. wiki



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